Wimbledon 25 years on

Members of Town Green Tennis Club have been staunch supporters of Wimbledon for many years, making the annual trip down to London SW19 on numerous occasions. One of our frist trips was in 1990, a quarter of a century ago. Wimbledon has had a lot of development over those years and this page out of the Programme that year brings home just how much has changed.

town green tennis club at Wimbledon 2012

Exterior view of Centre Court looking across Court 8.

In addition to the obvious addition of the new number one court and the centre court roof, there have been many other subtle changes. Many courts give an excellent close up view of the tennis as these pictures show but some will remember with affection the old quirky court six  which was a bit out on a limb and very chilled. It was nearly always possible to get a court side seat or failing that, a spot on the grassed bank the other side of the court. This court was probably the most informal and relaxed of all the courts and offered a great location for spectators with a Ground Pass.

Court 11 - Wimbledon 2015. Still possible to get close to the action on the outside courts.

Court 11 – Wimbledon 2015. Still possible to get close to the action on the outside courts.

The order of play for play for 25th June 1990 – the first day of that year’s Championship makes interesting reading and shows just how much good tennis can be found on the outside courts during the first week

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